We do like quirky, something that’s a bit different, and we love the wonderfully unique. So it’s clear to see where the ideas behind No Ordinary Emporium evolved from.

The Early Years:

Owner & Head Honcho, Jane

Since Jane was able to operate a Crayon and prod at a Keyboard (on her brother’s computer) she’s been designing, whether it was pretty dresses for her dolls, or in complete contrast, grand architectural masterpieces in which her dolls could reside.  To be fair she couldn’t (and still can’t) draw for toffee, but sit Jane in front of a computer… Now that’s a different story!

Head Honcho Jane (on the left, in case you were wondering)

This trend of computer design continued throughout School, College & University, where she studied Graphic Design & Photography.  After several roles encompassing both Photography and Graphic design, leading to Website design, this ultimately culminated in a successful role as Senior Designer for a leading luxury travel brand.

Curator & Marketing, Steven

Another creative type, Steven also loved drawing in the early years, with a particular penchant for those classic TV Cartoon favourites we all know and love.  It was in his later College & University years that he developed a more practical and methodical style, turning to the big, very grown-up world of Management & Marketing.

Curator & Marketing, Steven

After exploring various roles in sectors including Retail, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Sales roles within the international Travel Industry. It was his passion for travel and that led him to the very same luxury travel brand where a certain Senior Designer worked.

NOE was born:

So the NOE journey began, way back in 2015 when Jane wanted to give Steven a special anniversary gift that marked their travels together. When looking for the perfect gift, Jane could not find anything that was unique or customisable in the style that they both liked. Being a professional graphic designer, Jane exclaimed: “what better way to create a unique gift in a perfect style for us would be to make one” (or words to that effect) So Jane set to work on their very first Personalised Travel Map.

Personalised World Travel Map
Personalised World Travel Map

When the Personalised Map, (that now proudly hangs on the wall) received so many compliments from friends and family, Jane once again exclaimed: “What if others would like them too?”.

And so our range of travel-related gifts was born; and has now grown to offer even more custom maps, journals, pinboard maps and Greeting Cards. Later we introduced our lines of now incredibly popular travel themed wedding stationery.

Modern Day:

2020, of course, saw a monumental shift in thinking, but as the pandemic tightened its grip we continued to expand our ranges and come up with new ways to delight.  We’re really proud that from one small idea, we’ve been able to grow into a design studio offering a wide range of gifts. We have even more ideas lined up which we’re excited to share with you as soon as we can, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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We’re a small creative team based in North West England. If you have any questions about any of our products, or if you have an idea of your own you’d like to run past us, please get in touch to see how we can help.

Jane & Steven, Team NOE

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